5 tactics on Snapchat that Brands Should be Exploring

In 2011, when Snapchat showed the first signs of potential and I signed up, the only point I saw in the network was the silly faces I could send to my cousins while we waited patiently for a wedding shower to end. Since then, I’ve seen the networks slowly evolve into a platform filled with promise for brands.  Let’s look at a few brand opportunities I’ve seen in the space.

SnapChat Drawing

Tactic 1: Social Exclusives

Hands down, if you asked me what brand is killing it on Snapchat, I’m going to answer Taco Bell. Every time I see a story populated I’m instantly excited to see what exclusive they’re going to give me. This past Valentine’s Day they provided their fans with social Valentine Cards to send to their friends or loved ones.

Taco Bell Snap - Vday

Tactic 2: Product Launches

Have a new product that you want to get your fans excited about? Why not provide a special preview on Snapchat? Starbucks did it to announce their new Frappuccino flavors, Taco Bell used it with their breakfast menu when it launched. There are so many opportunities and fun ways that a brand can get their fans excited about a product announcement.

Taco Bell Breakfast

Tactic 3:  Special Offers

Rewarding your fan base or brand advocates is a great way to show appreciation and to continue and fuel their passion for your brand. Offers can be introduced through Snapchat Stories through clever ways rewarding those that patiently await the next story to be viewable. GrubHub is an example of a brand that does a great job on SnapChat and surprised their followers with a discount offer to be used on their next order.

GrubHub Offer

Tactic 4: Sweepstakes/Contests

Snapchat is also becoming another avenue for running a promotion. Brands can prompt fans to send a snap for an entry – providing a low barrier way for brands to get valuable UGC from followers. Brands with passionate bases could raise the bar a little and ask for fans to send along a doodle that can convey whatever a brand wants. Nissan is a brand that ran a contest asking for its fans to snap a photo showing how it feels to own a Nissan, for a chance to win a Skip Barber Driving Experience and a PS4. Winners were contacted via Snapchat, or via Twitter Direct Message. This is one example of a way to get fans engaged and provided some fun content for the brand to share on its channels.

Nissan SnapChat

Tactic 5: Event Activations

Event activations are another way to use Snapchat to get others excited about a brand presence and get people talking socially. Brands could conduct a real-life game of hide-and-seek by snapping pictures of the brand at a specific location and having attendees come find them. Brands with brand ambassadors or influencers could have this person take over their Snapchat handle for the event to capture exclusive content from a new perspective.

Snap Chat Hunt

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