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4 Ways to use Snapchat Effectively For Your Brand

While Snapchat may not be at the top of your list, if your audience is Gen Z, you could be missing out on some great opportunities. Back in December, they released some predictions for 2019 based upon a study they commissioned. Below are some ways to consider utilizing Snapchat for your brand!

Create a branded filter

With the study noting that teens are going for a fresh look and interest in vintage styles, there is a natural tie in for fashion and beauty brands. Consider creating a branded lens that allows users to try on your product. Whether it be glasses, a collection of neutral lip gloss or hat, as examples.  You don’t have to be a beauty or fashion brand for your audience to enjoy filters, it can be as simple a message with your product included.


Create a branded game

Using Snapchat Lens, there are a lot of cool things that you can do to create a game for your brand. Gaming ranks high with Gen Z and probably won’t change any time soon, so why not host a mini-game? Users love to share their scores with their audience, which will help to get your brand out there.


Lens Studio

Augmented reality experiences are not only fun to play around with, but fun to share with your audience – there are so many possibilities. Are you a travel brand? Why not create an environment that lets others truly envision themselves on vacation? There is a community of creators for Snapchat that can help you create the reality you desire.


Partner with an internet personality or celebrity

Like Influencer marketing, partnering with a well-known personality can help get your name out to a wider audience. Have them host a sponsored story integrating your brand. With so many personalities out there, there are endless opportunities to elevate your product.


There are plenty of ways that your brand can use Snapchat to reach their audiences, above are just a few. If you’re struggling on how to utilize the channel for your brand, being that we’re a Snapchat Certified Partner, we’d be happy to help you out.

Ignite Social Media Snapchat Certified Partner

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