5 Ways to Make Social Media Customer Service Sexy

If your brand is doing social media well, then you spend a good amount of effort focused on customer service. Let’s face it, when most of us think of customer service we think of something like this:


However, customer service has evolved thanks to social media. It means brands not only have an opportunity to resolve issues online, but they can help build brand loyalty and proactively offer solutions (and darn it, it can be fun!). Ditch the old concept of dull, robotic customer care and get a sexy social makeover with these five tips.

(Full Disclosure: We currently work with Lowe’s Home Improvement, Club Carlson and Country Inns & Suites, but if we didn’t practice what we preached, this whole article would be rubbish, wouldn’t it?)

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1. Remember the basics.

It’s the golden rule of any good customer service: Acknowledge the issue, offer your apologies for their frustrations and provide a solution if possible. It’s also important to stay true to your brand voice. If your brand is usually fun and light, stay on voice and avoid talking with a prewritten script.

Lowes CC


2. Don’t sound like a broken record.

Copying and pasting scripted responses is NOT sexy. Treat each customer like an individual, because their experience is unique to them. By using their name and addressing their specific issue, you acknowledge them on a deeper level.


3. Don’t just focus all your efforts on the negative remarks.

Positive remarks shouldn’t just be Liked or Favorited. Acknowledge the time it took for that customer to share their experience. When appropriate for your brand on Twitter, consider a Quote Retweet. Not only does it pay them a compliment, it is a great way to brag about your brand in a very cool way.


4. Look for opportunities to promote your product or service in a natural way.

Does your brand have a new offer or product to share? Find ways that you can chat with fans and followers to share this news. Imagine you were talking to a friend and they mentioned they wanted to go ziplining and you just saw a great Groupon for that, wouldn’t you tell them? Apply the same concept on social media.


5. Have fun for Pete’s sake!

I love when brands find a way to engage and take customer service to the next level. Don’t be afraid to have some fun. Instead of simply thanking them for sharing, try to counter with equal enthusiasm.


I would be irresponsible if I didn’t include this disclaimer: Sexy responses aren’t always appropriate. If someone posts a complaint about an allergic reaction or other serious matter, stay thoughtful and follow your brand’s protocol. Allergic reactions are never sexy.

Are you considering a customer service makeover on social? Have some other great tips to share? We’d love to hear about it or how we can help. Leave a comment or contact Ignite Social Media.

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