How Brands Are Handling Natural Disasters On Social Media

When natural disasters strike, priorities shift, and we see brands across virtually all industries make an effort to provide aid and relief in whatever ways they can. We see major brands like Amazon, Walmart, Duracell, Verizon and others stepping up and helping out. Today, however, we’re focusing on a select few who have managed to respond to these crisis situations and provide aid in a way unique to their brand, and for that, we applaud them.

Bass Pro Shops

First, we have Bass Pro Shops, who are known across the nation for their outdoor enthusiasm and expertise. So, when Hurricane Harvey covered a terrifying amount of eastern Texas in water, Bass Pro Shops didn’t just donate money (they did – to the tune of $40,000), but they also offered something that few other brands were in a position to provide so quickly: 80 Tracker boats were made available to rescue teams. Due to the extensive flooding in the area, such boats were about the only means of rescuing stranded families. This is why we give Bass Pro Shop kudos for their generous donations, which were specific to both their brand as well as the needs of this particular natural disaster.


Another prime example of a brand leveraging what they do best to help others in dire times of need comes from Airbnb. With a worldwide presence, Airbnb is in a unique position to help victims of natural disasters, wherever they may be. The Airbnb Open Homes program utilizes their existing customer bases around the world to provide cost-free shelter to victims or rescue workers in disaster areas. Recently, Airbnb has helped shelter victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the earthquake in central Mexico, volcanic activity in Bali, and many more. With their philanthropic hearts and their unique access to shelters across the globe, Airbnb’s response to natural disasters is certainly worth noting.

Altar’d State (#Client)

Finally, another great example of a brand harnessing its unique spirit to bring aid and relief to those affected by a natural disaster comes from one of our very own #clients, Altar’d State. In response to Hurricane Harvey (which had put some of their Texas-based stores underwater), they chose to do what they do best: make fashion forward clothes with an inspiring message. Altar’d State designed these cute tee shirts and donated 100% of the net proceeds to relief efforts, which was a natural fit for the faith-based brand, as their mission is to #StandOutForGood.

So, whatever industry your brand might occupy, know that it’s never out of your reach to leverage your expertise to help those in need. Natural disasters are inherently unexpected, so our responses to them, as brands, must be swift, nimble, and calculating. When done well, however, they can make all the difference.

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