Pinterest Introduces Uniform and Smarter Pin It Button for Google Chrome

In November. I wrote a blog post establishing why Pinterest can be lucrative and effective social strategy for brands, between rich pins and high conversion rates. While some brands choose not to have a presence on Pinterest due to legal risk, adopting interactive Pin It buttons alongside product can give potential customers easy referencing and product accessibility.

Today Pinterest launched several new options for easy consumer pinning, including right-click to Pin and an automatic, smarter Pin It button for Google Chrome. When hovering over an image in Google Chrome, a small Pin It button appears in the top left of the image. With the end goal being a better user experience through faster and easier pinning, brands may see increasing product interaction with very little work.

Here’s an example from our website:


The Benefit for Brands

While many brands utilize a plug-in Pin It button effectively placed close to product listings, the back-end resources needed to install the Pin buttons deterred some brands and blogs. The Google Chrome Pin Button now adds a Pinterest-ready effect to brand websites and blogs with no action required from brand resources.

Furthermore, a more efficient and uniform Pin It button system creates faster product Pinning, which means higher product saturation into Pinterest. With a conversion rate 27% higher than that of Facebook, more product Pins can equal more revenue for brands.

Even better, as long as the website has embedded meta tags, the Google Chrome Pin It button recognizes and provides rich pins to provide consumers with up-to-date information regarding product price and availability.

Should Websites Continue to Use Their Own Pin Buttons?

Currently, these smarter Pin It buttons are only available through Google Chrome, so brands should continue the use of personal Pin It buttons for consumers not using Google Chrome. Despite a current need for button redundancy, this is a smart move for Pinterest that creates an indirect, free benefit to brands.

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