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Get “Rich” or Pin Trying: New Pinterest Rich Pins Let Brands Share Even More

Pinterest just made branded pins a bit more engaging. The new rich pins allow brands to include a whole bunch of exciting data including real-time pricing, availability and location for purchase.

New rich pins include three varieties (product, recipe and movie) all with their own unique information. We’ll get more into that in just a second.

Best of all, rich pins don’t just apply to Pinterest brand pages. Anyone who pins from Pinterest-validated brand websites will use them. So, how does this all work? Here’s a snapshot of the major changes:

Product Rich Pins

Product pins can now contain info on pricing, availability and where to buy (updated daily). Prices are shown at the bottom of the image and don’t require a click-through. However, purchase still requires a click.

A few brands currently using product rich pins include: AnthropologieEtsy and Target.

Rich Pin

Who Could Benefit From Product Rich Pins?

Product rich pins are great for e-commerce sites that allow purchasing online. For products with strictly in-store purchasing, product rich pins are likely unnecessary since they mostly encourage purchasing online.

Recipe Rich Pins

Recipe rich pins now include a variety of ingredient info, including what type of ingredients needed (produce? snack? dairy?), serving size, and if the item is vegan, vegetarian, paleo and/or gluten-free. You do still need to click-through to get step-by-step directions.

A few brands currently using recipe rich pins include: Better Homes and GardensMartha Stewart Living and Whole Foods Market.

Recipe Rich Pin

Who Could Benefit from Recipe Rich Pins?

It’s obvious that foodie blogs and merchants will benefit from recipe rich pins. But even if your page isn’t strictly about recipes, these pins could be an easy way to transition to the rich pin experience. Lifestyle brands that sometimes post recipes could engage on the page with these multi-dimensional pins.

Movie Rich Pins

Movie rich pins contain content ratings, cast members and release date. Rotten Tomatoes rich pins also include the Tomatometer Score.

Brands currently using movie rich pins include: FlixsterNetflix, & Rotten Tomatoes.

Movie Rich Pin

Who Could Benefit From Movie Rich Pins?

Movie rich pins are pretty straight forward – they provide stable information about a movie. However, we would love to see movie rich pins incorporate showtimes and ticket purchases directly from the pin. (We’re looking at you, Fandango!)

Old Pins From Beta Brands Will Also Update

Pins you’ve already added to your boards from participating brands will be updated. I pinned these sunglasses from Urban Outfitters five days ago, and now see they’re in stock and $125. (Won’t be getting those now. Sigh.)

Beta Brand Rich Pin

A Few Things to Consider

Before you become victim to shiny-new-object syndrome, here are a few issues you should consider:

Consumers May Spend More Time on Pinterest and Less on Your Site

Without having to click-through for more information, users will now spend more time on the Pinterest site itself. While these changes may increase engagement and consumer time on Pinterest, they could also potentially discourage click-through traffic (a major reason brands took notice of Pinterest initially).

Incorporating Rich Pins on Your Site Isn’t As Easy As You May Have Hoped

It isn’t a breeze getting rich pins. Pinterest has a great how-to for developers but it’s pretty technical. If you’re not well versed in coding language, you might want to consult a developer or whoever manages your website.

Your Brand May Not Be in Those Categories

For some brands, rich pins won’t be applicable. If your Pinterest features higher-priced purchases that are more of a “considered purchase,” posting the price on your pin isn’t the most appealing technique, and could steer people away from your page.

Multiple Product Tagging

It doesn’t appear that multiple product tagging is available yet. This could be a hindrance for beauty video tutorial pins that use multiple products.

Well, there you have it. The concept is relatively new, so expect a few changes and perhaps more types of rich pins in the future. Until then, get pinning!

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