How to Utilize Pinterest for Your Clothing Brand

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Pinterest is a social channel that millions of monthly users go to for inspiration, DIY projects and fashion. As a clothing brand, Pinterest is a channel you should consider utilizing, especially with the holidays upon us. As people start searching for the perfect gift or party outfit, Pinterest can be an incredibly important social tool. From using keywords and shoppable pins, here’s some advice on how to utilize Pinterest for clothing brands.


Help Pinners Find What They’re Looking For

Pinterest users are looking for new fashion and the latest trends, and you want them to find your products. With more than a billion pins, key words are going to help make your pins stand out. Look for important and trending fashion words to incorporate into your pins and remember to organize your content into specific boards. Boards will help gather all your content into organized collections and make it easier for customers find exactly what they need. With themed boards, a pinner looking for a specific kind of dress will know where they’ll be guaranteed to find one.


Make Your Content Shoppable

Did you know that Pinterest is the most popular platform for finding and shopping products? Nearly 90% of pinners say they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest, and 93% say they use the social platform to plan purchases. You can use that to your brand’s advantage with pins that link right to your product’s buy page. Shoppable content puts the product right on display and gives the consumer an easy one-click step to get the fashion piece they were looking to buy.  These pins provide all the information shoppers might want by providing price, description and a way to buy. Pinterest also recently introduced Shop the Look pins that use a white dot to label each of the shoppable items in a specific pin – another helpful Pinterest tool for clothing brands that use content containing multiple items.


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Put Pinterest on Your Site

We’ve mentioned how many pinners are on the platform and how many of them are looking to shop. When new customers make it to your site and see you’re on Pinterest, it can increase your reach and bring awareness to your brand.  By adding the “Save” button on your site, pinners can save the items that they like and come back to buy them at a later date.  There are other helpful tools that can be added to your clothing brand’s site, like widgets and the Pinterest Tag, to drive customers to your Pinterest content.


Promote Your Pins

You created the pins, now promote them! Reach out to a bigger audience with your product and you will likely see the reward. Promoted pins look just like regular pins but paying for people to see your content gets it in front of the biggest audience. Promoted Pins can help with numerous things for your clothing brand, like increasing in-store sales and boosting traffic.

Pinterest is a great platform for clothing brands as it puts your products in front of an audience that is eager to shop. By utilizing Pinterest and the tools it provides, your customers will be able to find everything on their shopping list this holiday season. Looking for help getting your brand on Pinterest? Contact us.

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