5 Ways to Drive Sales and Traffic with Pinterest

Not only does Pinterest help you find the best ideas from over 2.3 million Pins–it now has the ability to help your content strategy and bottom line. Once a platform for discovering and saving DIY tutorials, home décor and themed recipes, Pinterest has emerged into a visual search and shopping tool, with 84% of Pinners coming to Pinterest when they’re undecided about what to buy.  With more and more advertisers tapping into Pinterest, read on to discover five ways to craft a picture-perfect strategy.


Reach People Early

The early bird may get the worm, but when it comes to Pinterest, it’s the early marketer that gets the sale. That’s because Pinterest is all about planning—so much so that people use Pinterest to plan and search for holiday content 2x earlier than on other platforms. Make the most of this mindset by running your holiday or seasonal campaigns earlier than the competition and watch those sales increase. 


Optimize for Mobile

According to Pinterest, 80% of Pinners use the mobile app. It may seem like a no brainer, but when designing your pins, make sure you’re optimizing them for mobile. That means tailoring your font sizes and styles to make sure they’re legible on small screens and testing graphics and videos to ensure they’re not blurry or cut off by a vertical aspect ratio. The golden rule? Keep your pins 600 pixels by 900 pixels for maximum style and readability.  


Seek to Inspire

When it comes to Pinterest, the best advice is to show—not tell. As a highly visual platform, the best pins are those that are visually compelling, tell a good story and make your audience want to learn more. Develop creative for Pinterest with the user who comes to the platform seeking inspiration in mind. Use lifestyle imagery rather than product shots, and capture people’s attention with creative, organic images that illustrate what your brand has to offer.   


Make Your Brand a Resource

People come to Pinterest looking for tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to improve their everyday life. Use this to your advantage to create informative, engaging creative that simultaneously provides helpful recommendations to your audience. Think of Pins as ideas. They’re the springboard for your audience to gain inspiration and incorporate your brand into their daily life and needs. Implement your brand into users’ daily lives by tapping into the terms they’re searching for. When your Pin appears in their feed, it’ll be a natural and easy fit.


Utilize Keywords

Use keyword targeting to find the platform’s most engaged users. By packing your pin descriptions with relevant keywords and trends, you’ll maximize your exposure to those interested in your brand, as well as increase your visibility in the Pinterest home feed and search results. Just be careful not to overdo things here. The goal is to increase reach–not spam feeds.
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