3 Key Learnings from the Pinterest Promoted Pins BETA

Recently, we received the opportunity to work with our clients and participate in the Pinterest promoted pins BETA. In this program we had the opportunity to promote pins using keyword targeting on a Cost-Per-Click basis. Buying on this new platform has been a learning experience for both us and our clients.  Based on the results we saw, here are some things to keep in mind, some basic and some Pinterest-specific.

Keep Content Truly Useful

Pinterest is a place where people look for inspiration on everything from their next DIY project to home renovation to family meals, so select pins that can help people pursue their interests. Pins featuring content that provides value to the user generally receive a higher click through than those that are product focused. Now that you know what type of content to promote, here are some tricks for creating the pins themselves.

– Text Overlays: Add value to your image by adding simple, clear text overlays

– Detailed Descriptions: Use all of the full character count to provide extra information about your product – and keep it “Pinteresting”

– Multi-Product Images: Include multiple products in your image so that your pin appeals to a wider audience

Pinterest BETA

Don’t Go Overboard With Hashtags (And Other Guidelines)

Like other social platforms, Pinterest has advertising guidelines. When creating my first promoted pin campaign, the Ads Team would send me reminders to help keep things on the right track. Here are some tips for how to keep things in-spec and save on some emails.

Hashtags: Pinterest only allows for one hashtag in the pin description

– Improper capitalization or lots of symbols will require revisions

Pin Destination: Link to a relevant landing page. If your pin contains a recipe featured on a blog, link to the specific blog post.

The Platform Is Always Changing

Our experience with promoted pins has focused on pay-per-click buys, but Pinterest is adding more features that we hope to try soon. For example, Pinterest recently introduced engagement campaigns where you pay per engagement instead of pay per click with the traffic campaign.

Being part of the BETA program has been a great opportunity for Ignite Social Media and our clients. I hope you were able to learn a bit from my experiences so far.

Happy Pinning!


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