15 Brilliant Blog Posts On Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing made its presence felt in 2014, where it became the “next big thing.” Those who had thought it was nothing more than a fad couldn’t have been more wrong. A similar trend can be seen with Video Marketing as it follows the same trajectory. Even when we see multiple experts and analysts pointing out how video content is going to “takeover” the world, there are still many sceptics around.

Today, mobile marketing has reached a point where marketers can’t ignore it anymore; it’s a must-have for every business. Whether you’re a multi-national company trying to stay relevant in a digital-dominated industry or a bootstrapping startup trying its best to stay afloat.

This article will help you go through 15 brilliant (and exciting) articles that will help guide you through your own mobile marketing strategies & campaigns, tools, budgets, trends and what not.

Ready? Here we go!

Getting Started: Mobile Marketing for Beginner

1. Mobile Marketing For Dummies: If you’re new to the world of mobile marketing and don’t know where to even begin, this is the article for you. It breaks down major terminologies for you, shares facts and figures in a very clear and simple to understand manner. This touches all the relevant points necessary for a newbie to start exploring the mobile marketing world.

Mobile Marketing

What’s New in Mobile Marketing and Where to Focus

2. 4 Reasons to Focus on Location-Based Marketing: If you’re not marketing yourself within your immediate vicinity, you end up missing valuable customers who would have otherwise loved to “check-in” at your place. Want to know what other mistakes can be avoided? Read this post for specific actions to take when doing location-based marketing.

3. What is a QR Code and why do you need one: What are these QR Codes, what’s their purpose, what mistakes are you making and how you can rectify them. This post about QR Codes is all there is to know about these quickly. And yes, QR code is nothing but Quick Response Code.


Software’s, Services, Apps, Templates and Tools

4. 11 Mobile Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses: Are you managing multiple marketing campaigns or do you want to focus more on sending messages to your customers? Depending on what you need, this guide features 11 extremely helpful platforms which will make your life a lot easier. And if you’re confused about which platforms to use, don’t worry! This also has a short questionnaire to help determine your mobile marketing requirements.

5. 28 Web & Mobile App Growth Hacks You’ve Never Seen: You can save a lot of money and time with these simple and very convenient to use hacks, which of course, include a lot of apps, softwares and online tools. It encompasses amazing hacks that you can use for Growthhack. The writer notes in his article that there is dearth of new “growth hacks” and every time one searches online, it is the same ‘ol repackaged stuff being served everywhere. The curated hacks in this post definitely makes for an interesting read.


Mobile Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind

6. 5 Best Practices for Cross-Device and Mobile Retargeting: As written in the blog – “we’ll go from the theoretical to the practical and go through some best practices for getting the most from your cross-device retargeting campaigns”.  The ability to match user behaviour across different devices would provide brands as well as marketers with unprecedented targeting and data-collection opportunity. These recommendations will help you get a head start with your cross-device and mobile retargeting campaigns!

7. How to use emotional triggers for mobile ads people will care about: Emotion based advertisements are going to witness a spurt in 2016, and if you aren’t ahead of the curve, you’re missing out on a lot. Just simple exposure of your brand is the brass ring and you need to rise above the clutter of ads to make your presence felt. Using emotional triggers for your target audience can reap rich rewards for you.


How to Optimize Your Mobile Apps

8. The ‘All You Need Guide’ For Investigating Keywords For An App: Much as they are a pain in the ass, one cannot do away with keywords. And if you don’t know which keywords work best for you, then this article is a blessing. This is a step-by-step guide on how to research keywords for App store Optimization.

9. Mobile Marketing- App Indexing & Search: All that you need to know about these terminologies that let people to move between search results and apps. App indexing, app linking and deep links enable the experience, for the end user, to be smooth and enriching. This article in itself is a list of things to take care of, when it comes to mobile apps, to streamline your mobile marketing efforts.


Things you Should Completely Avoid

10. Treat mobile marketing like online dating- but avoid these 5 costly mistakes: This one’s especially important for small sized businesses that do not have a lot of money to spare on their mobile marketing budgets. It explains and accepts the challenges out there in mobile marketing and points out specific mistakes which are to be avoided.


Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns and Strategies

11. These 10 Mobile Marketing Campaigns Made Millions: Wow. Huge numbers, huh? That’s what you get for thinking out of the box, and this article very succinctly sums up which brand did what that raked in millions of dollars for them in one year. The focus of different companies varied, from lead generation to app downloads, but these inspiring campaigns resulted in earning them more than just money.

12. 10 Lessons From the World’s Best Mobile Marketers: If you want to come in between a human and their love affair with their smart phones, then you have to be nothing short of outrageously creative to make it big in your industry! In case you didn’t know, this “relationship” is the love affair of the century.

13. 4.7 Million Users In 738 Days! What Defines Canva’s Growth Story?: A new design is created in Canva, every second! And if you can even manage 1/10th of the growth that Canva did, you’re gold. I love using Canva, not only because this is free (Yes!), but the end result makes you creatively satisfied.

14. 11 Mobile Marketing Examples All Independent Retailers Should Mimic: You may think that mobile messaging isn’t “cool” enough to make sales for you, but guess what? Cool doesn’t sell. Simple does. And here’s how 11 brands Made use of the simplest strategies to make huge profits for themselves. While we all seldom use texts, this untapped and “not very cool” method is being utilized by many.


Last but Not Least

15. 9 Mobile Marketing Stats That Will Make You Look Smart on Twitter: This one’s just for the purpose of making you look badass on Twitter, like you know what you’re talking about. It’s a must read for those in the field of mobile marketing! Use these stats, tweet it out and yeah, kinda act all Smartypants!


This resource list is a compilation of some of the best resources out there on Mobile Marketing. I’m pretty sure, once you’ve gone through this list, you’ll have a much better understanding of the sapce. Of course, a lot of this depends entirely on what you take away from these posts and put under implementation. Also, if there are other resources or anything interesting about Mobile Marketing, share in the comments below.


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