And the winner of the free “This is My Profile Face” t-shirt is…

I know you’ve been waiting breathlessly to find out if you’re the lucky winner of the “This is My Profile Face” t-shirt, we’re giving away. It’s the first of our new, limited edition collection of social media shirts. Winner of social media shirt contest

Congrats, you’ve won!  That is, if you’re name is Erica DeWolf.  We’ve created an “artist’s rendering” of what Erica will look like wearing her brand new, free, no-pay, t-shirt. (We grabbed her profile image off her blog and then, pow, PhotoShop.  I know, you thought it was real… We’re tricky like that…)

If you entered, but did not win, you can still get your t-shirt by ordering one from the Ignite store on CafePress if you want one. (See what I did there?)

Alas, the decision of the random number generator is final.  And thank you for your comments. They were really, really funny.

Buy your “Profile Face” t-shirt today (they are online for sale in August, limited edition! oooohhhhh….), then watch for our new Twitter stalking shirt coming soon…

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