Twitter Meets Product Reviews: Blippr

Can product reviews be limited to 160 characters? Blippr is a new site that is testing that very theory out. Upon a brief review, I realized that the quality of these reviews is questionable, mainly because this limitation lends itself more to reviews that are short and snarky, or somewhat unhelpful reviews like “This rocks”.

At the same time, this is exactly what I love about the site, and is the reason I’d go back. By narrowing its focus on entertainment categories like books, music, games, and movies – it doesn’t attempt to review electronics or high value durable good purchases (products that for most would require more thorough reviews). Instead, the site opens the floor to conversations and disagreements that make the site worth passing to friends and family, which for me is entertainment in and of itself .


What do you think of the site? Is it something you’d come back to?

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