3/7/07: This Week’s Social Media Posts That Are Igniting

This video was put together by Common Craft to explain how Twitter can be important, but more simply, what Twitter actually is. Common Craft does videos that are supposed to make complex ideas easy to understand (and fun to watch!). Some people commented on the video saying that it doesn’t do enough justice to the social media aspect of Twitter, and I agree. But all the same, it’s fun, enjoyable, and gives people a understanding they can’t get from first visiting the Twitter homepage.

Jason Falls critiques an attempt by Lousiville’s daily newspaper, the Courier-Journal, to integrate social media into their site.

KickApps is hosting a webinar with former GM of VIBE Media, John DeMarchi, and the current CMO of VIBE Media Group, Gary Lewis, to discuss how they built such a successful social media campaign, and to suggest ways for others to employ social media tactics.

Matthew Peters discusses the importance of writing quality social media material.

Every industry must approach social media in a unique way. This post gives suggestions for how the pharmaceutical industry can start to engage in social media techniques.

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