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Hi Everyone!

Since I’ve been out for the holidays to recharge (and then most recently to assume a role as a maid of honor) I’m really just now getting back in the social media groove of reading, writing, and participating.gold_calendar.jpg

With that being said, in light of the new year and in our promise to continue a discussion on social media marketing that interesting and insightful, I’m attempting to develop no small feat: a blog editorial calendar for Ignite for 2008.

First, I must state that as a social media agency, we always do these for clients with blogs- to make sure we have fresh, interesting content and that it is on strategy with our clients goals and objectives. However, as we have gained clients – we have forgotten that our own most important client is Ignite. The result? Falling into a “what am I writing today” approach from the day to day.  If you write a blog for your company on a regular basis, I assume you have done this more than once or twice.

Not only is this approach against our mantra, but it guides us further away from our audience. Instead of writing what we feel like writing (or what is easiest for that day)  – we should take the approach we use for our clients: to develop content with the purpose of achieving audience participation and business objectives.

Therefore – I’m reaching out to you, our readers.  If you have a social media marketing question you need answered, a topic you want covered, or a review on a particular social media campaign – you name it- please submit it in the comments below.   After that, I’ll try to incorporate it into our 2008 calendar (giving flexibility to cover topics or discussions that are time sensitive)  and we’ll work on covering it (and give you a little shout-out in return).

With your input, and our clear plan of action, we hope to grow even more for 2008 🙂

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