Social Media Posts That Are Igniting- 8/29

These are some of our top picks for social media related blog posts this week. Enjoy! 🙂

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsHow to Build a Community of Twitter Followers for Your Company

Ellie Mirman gives some great advice on how corporations and employees can jump into the world of Twitter.

Bullet for Friday SocialPosts How to Find Statistics on Social Media

In this post, Aaron Uhrmacher has created a post chock full of our favorite studies and statistics on social media. In our opinion, this post has all the right information to make the case for social media marketing (with very little effort on your end 🙂 )

Bullet for Friday SocialPosts12 Tips To SNAP Readers Out of Passivity with Calls to Action

Darren Rowse gives us practical ways to drive reader involvement. These are simple, yet often forgotten tips into creating simple and acheivable “call to actions” that drive, rather discourage engagement.

Bullet for Friday SocialPosts50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on

I love this list. Most people are interested about social media, but need a starting point when it comes to the social media sphere. This list details what social media tools can accomplish what goals and it gives not-so-social-media-savvy people a way to get their feet wet in social media. It also lists great new networking sites for the social media enthusiast.

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsCommon Social Networking Mistakes

What is funny about this post by Rebecca Beasley is that I first found it on The Wall Street Journal Blog. The full post on her site, however, is much more beneficial. I would point someone to the Wall Street Journal for great comments though.

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