Social Media Posts That Are Igniting- 5/16

Here is some of the best stuff coming out of the social media scene this week. Enjoy!! 🙂

matchbullet.gifWelcome to the club- now here’s the social media handshake.

At first I was skeptical to this post by Rick Mahn. In the second paragraph he says, “there are no social media experts”. Well, as an agency that promotes our “experts” I was taken aback by that statement. But after reading the whole post, I totally agree with Rick. The nature (and almost definition) of social media is that it is user generated media and therefore constantly changing and evolving. So how can there be experts? Instead, there are (as Rick states) “people who understand what’s going on and can help advise tools & techniques to use.”

matchbullet.gifComing Soon: A Web-Wide Social Network?

This post by Abbey Klaassen discusses the recent announcements by Facebook, MySpace, and Google to become more social through connecting with third-party sites. It was only a matter of time before this happened, and most of us are thrilled to hear that more sites will be integrated with the “Big Three” networks through social tools. This could mean that people are one step closer to being able to have a unified web presence (although I’m sure that’s still far in the future).

matchbullet.gifA whine about wine and social media.

This post by Bob Benz about the spirits industry and their reluctance to participate in social media interested me because WineTV is one of Jim’s favorite case studies. As Benz points out, wine is not typically a brand driven industry. However, through social media techniques (like WineTV) branding can work.

matchbullet.gifNew Media is not Social Media

Laurel Papworth says that she made this post a list because she didn’t have time to write a full blog post, but I actually think this post is best as a list. A list that people who may not be entirely sure what social media is, need to read! I especially like the comparison between New Media, Digital Media, and Social Media experts. 🙂

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