Social Media Marketing Posts That Are Igniting- 9/26

 Here are our top picks from the social media marketing scene this week.  Enjoy 🙂

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsMaking Social Networks Profitable

An article on how Google is applying its expertise in search to the realm of social media. Google is currently in the process of developing an influencer ranking system on MySpace and Facebook to make ads on social networks more relevant.  Over here at Ignite we can’t wait to see Google’s definition of an influencer.

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsStumbleUpon Marketing – White, Grey and Black Hat Tests and Tips

Cesar shares some great discoveries in his StumbleUpon use. He runs ads, stumbles, and partakes in some shady tactics, sharing insight on which ones return the best results. A great read for any hardcore Stumble marketer.

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsStumbleUpon has updated its algorithms.

StumbleUpon according to Dr. Algorithm, has updated their algorithm. One of the biggest changes he notes is that StumbleUpon now has the ability to verify those webmasters who are submitting their own sites in an attempt to artificially inflate traffic.

Bullet for Friday SocialPosts10 Hot Web Redesigns of 2008

Great post, complete with screenshots detailing changes made to the Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Yahoo, MySpace, Digg/Digg Mobile, MobileMe, LinkedIn, Delicious, and site designs in the last year.

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