Social Media Marketing Posts that are Igniting–8/8

Here is some of the best stuff coming out of the social media scene this week. Enjoy!!

matchbullet.gif Working the Crowd Via Twitter

Even though this post is from last week, Mike Panetta’s unique story about how he found interesting and relevant people to connect with on Twitter is worth sharing.  He concludes that “Working a room is for chumps; thanks to Twitter, I can now work a crowd!”

matchbullet.gif20 Free eBooks About Social Media

I love lists, they are so easy on the eyes.  I also love free stuff, (who doesn’t),  so this post by Chris Brogan caught my eye.  I wouldn’t call many of these eBooks “must reads” but this is still a great list for those who are just getting their feet wet.

matchbullet.gif24 Things to do When Stuck for a Topic to Blog About

This must be the week of lists…

As the summer winds down, it seems like a lot of bloggers are running out of steam.    With ideas like “Mind Mapping”, “Introduce Random Challenges”, and “Go Surfing” this list from Pro Blogger may just be the cure.

matchbullet.gif Social Media Is Far From Overrated

Corvida raises an interesting debate about the urge to see more companies enter the social media space.  This post is an excellent discussion, concluding that still more companies are resisting adoption due to the risks involved or perhaps because some companies are “stuck in their old ways”.

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