Social Media Marketing Posts that are Igniting- 8/22

These are some of the best posts we read this week.  Enjoy! 🙂

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsSocial Media Powers Better Advertising 

Amber brings it back to the basics by reminding marketers that social media can effectively drive better advertising by building brand awareness and loyalty.  This article also reviews how Dell has put this theory to practice by developing the ReGeneration project : a project that allows them to show their customers what kind of company they are instead of telling them.

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsSocial Media Analysis for Workgroups 

Nathan Gilliatt gives a great list of monitoring and analysis platforms and explains how helpful they could be to in-house social media people like yourselves.

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsWhat The F**K is Social Media

Hopefully you can excuse the title, because this is a very visually pleasing slideshow created by Marta Zagan with lots of great information and stats on the topic of social media.

Bullet for Friday SocialPosts Using AideRSS to Help Identify Hot Topics to Cover On Your Blog

ProBlogger does an excellent screencast of how to use AidRSS to identify hot blog topics for your blog.  This is a unique way to begin to learn how to generate more effective content by analyzing current content, as well as existing trends in your own blogging.

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