Social Media Marketing Posts that are Igniting- 7/25

Here are some of my favorite finds in the social media marketing world this week. Enjoy guys! 🙂

matchbullet.gifShould every company have a corporate blog?

This post by Mario Sundar is a great conversation about whether or not a company should have a corporate blog. We believe that most everybody should be blogging somewhere for all of the reasons/benefits that Mario lists (and many more), but I completely agree with his point that all parts of your company’s social media strategy should support your existing marketing goals.

matchbullet.gif10 Fantastic ways to f*ck it up

This post on Sam Lawrence’s blog is big, bold, and concise- and it HAS to be because it’s so important and so true. All CMOs, advertising companies, PR firms, and even social media agencies need to read this list.

matchbullet.gifAre You Letting Your Employees Out on the Green in Social Media?

This post by Brian Wallace is great on the subject of benefits of allowing employees to actively engage in social media. Just earlier this week Jim and I discussed how great the Zappos employee twitter page is .

Everybody should allow their employees to be a voice for the business. If they’re not your ambassadors, who are? If you’re worried about time, examine Google’s approach, compare your income with theirs, and chill out.

matchbullet.gifHow to Combat Complaints Sites in Google : Open Discussion

This post by Loren Baker gives great suggestions for how to manage online reputation. I also completely agree with one of the comments that says all of these things should be used BEFORE your company/brand is in “damage control” mode. SEO builds off of many things, and if you think it is easy to push damaging sites off of the homepage of Google, you need to read this article. It’s possible, but much more manageable if you tap into your assets before you find yourself desperately needing them.

matchbullet.gif10 Aspects of an Effective Social Media Campaign

Part 1 of this post is so dead-on that if you only get that from this post, I would be happy. But the other 9 points also provide the start of a sort of “check-list” for looking at your social media campaign.

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