Social Media Marketing Posts That Are Igniting 10/11

Here is some of the best stuff in the social media marketing world this week.  Enjoy 🙂

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsKevin Rose’s top eight tips for getting on the Digg front page

Kevin Rose, one of the founders of Digg, shares 8 tips to increase your chances of appearing on the Digg front page.

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsThe 6 Dangerous Fallacies of Social Media

This is a wonderful post that sets straight 6 myths of social media marketing. 

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsYour YouTube video: Hot or Not?

YouTube unleashed new features to YouTube insight last week. They have incorporated the ability to determine high abandonment rates, and at what time intervals those take place. A great addition to an ever growing analytics platform for the most popular video sharing site available.

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsThe State of Social Media 2008

Brian Solis shares some insightful and intuitive thoughts on where Social media is in 2008, and his predictions for the future.

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsDigg’s Recent Bans and the Limits of Crowdsourcing

In light of some recent controversy over Digg, David Chen raises some questions about the way the site has grown and now operates. 

Bullet for Friday SocialPostsWill the Recession Spell the End of Web 2.0?

Daniel Nations brings to light some of his feelings about Web 2.0 and the current recession. 

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