Social Media is a Cocktail Party: Sneak Peek #2

So Lisa’s Sneak Peek #1 gave you a glimpse of the (More than) 10 Cocktail Party Rules of Social Media from our new book Social Media is a Cocktail Party: Why You Already Know the Rules of Social Media Marketing. Today, we’re providing Sneak Peek #2 as part of the launch planned for November 20th. Social Media is a Cocktail Party

A question many people have about social media marketing is how it can be measured. That’s what we talk about in Chapter 15 of the book. It’s not an easy question, because the possible combinations of objectives and tools are vast.  Are you brand building? Traffic building? Awareness building? Community building? Once that’s determined, which tools are you using to facilitate that and what metrics are there that you can assign.

As a small part of Chapter 15, we include these two partial lists of of various quanititative and qualitative metrics you might consider:

Quantitative Metrics

Measurable quantitative data might include:

  • # of backlinks pre- and post-campaign
  • Organic search ranking position for certain keywords
  • # Site visits
  • # Social network friends
  • # Comments
  • # Profile Views
  • # Blog posts before and after campaign
  • # of Positive Network Connections
  • Outcomes/Goal Tracking

Qualitative Metrics

Measurable qualitative data might include:

  • Positive sentiment/feedback
  • Growth in customer knowledge of your product
  • Growth of on-topic customer conversations
  • Audience participation

If you read through the list and thought, “Why didn’t they include ?”, please leave a comment below and share other metrics you would add to these.

And remember, if you’d be willing to buy Social Media is a Cocktail Party on 11/20, we’ll donate $3 for every book sold that day to Make-A-Wish, which is one of my favorite charities.

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