Social Media Can Be a Backstage Pass

This weekend, I went to see Collective Soul, Live and Blues Traveler in concert. I’m not a big music buying guy. I like 90s Alternative music (among other stuff), so I usually just click a QuickMix on Pandora and let it run. That means I’m not a giant fan of most any band these days, but I knew I sort of liked Collective Soul’s music.Collective Soul All Access

Through a friend, though, I was given a backstage, all access pass, so I could go wherever I wanted, and I could go hang out with the band for a while after the show. To make sure I didn’t sound like an idiot when I talked to them, I started checking out the songs that they’ve put and realized that I liked a lot of them. At that point, I started to get excited about going to the show.

Before we headed backstage, I bought their latest CD, had the band autograph it, yada ya.  All in all, it was a pretty neat experience, and Ed Roland, the lead singer, could not have been a nicer, more mellow guy.

So, what does this have to do with social media marketing?  A lot.

I got a peak behind the curtain, and I went from being a casual fan to a real fan. I went from never spending money on their music, to downloading 17 iTunes songs and buying one of their CDs.

With social media-through videos, through podcasts, through blogging-you now have the tools to give people a peek behind the curtain and make them feel a connection with you personally and therefore your product.

  • That’s part of the secret of Wine Library TV. You feel like you’re friends with Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • That’s part of the secret of Will it Blend? You feel like you’ve discovered this neat little behind the scenes video at a blender company.

So as you do social media marketing, don’t just think about the products you want to talk about. Think about the things that go on behind the scenes at your company, and how you can share them.  Give people their own All Access passes, and you’ll increase their affinity toward your brand.

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