This Week’s Social Media Posts That Are Igniting- 4.18

 Here are some of our favorite posts coming out of the social media world this week.  Enjoy!

matchbullet.gifDon’t Think Traffic – Think Demographics

This post by gives a very in-depth look at one of the first things we evaluate at Ignite- your audience. It is a waste of time and money to engage in a social media campaign without knowing who you’re campaigning to and whether they care. (It also speaks to Jim’s last post about Firefox users vs. Explorer users. Firefoxers are typically more tech-savvy.)

matchbullet.gifIs Social Media Marketing Really Important?

My gives some great insight into some social media terms and why it is imperative that people don’t ignore social media marketing.

matchbullet.gif Barack Obama is Rocking the Youth Vote

Liana Evans gives an AWESOME critique of the Democratic candidates’ attempts at Social Media and how it is influencing the youth vote. We keep hearing that Obama has captured the younger generation’s votes when compared with Clinton. Evans explains just how that may be happening through social media.

matchbullet.gifU.S. Lags in Social Media Creation, per Survey

Brian Morrissey reports for Adweek about a new study that says Americans love social media, but don’t necessarily participate as much as people do in Asian and South America.

matchbullet.gifAre We Just Jumping On The Social Media Bandwagon?

Colin Walker discounts those who think social media will not become a daily part of everyone’s lives. The only thing I might add to Colin’s post is that I think social media will continue to be a term all its own instead of eventually being lumped with print, tv, etc.

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