Quick review: Rejaw. Do we have the Twitter killer?

I signed up for the new microblogging service Rejaw today.  In a nutshell, it seems like the best of Twitter and Plurk put together. Rejaw interface

It has:

  1. A Twitter like stream, which is better than Plurk’s annoying timeline;
  2. An easy way to reply to someone else’s comments, and see the other replies, which makes for much better conversation.
  3. Rejaw Radar, which is a Twhirl like desktop interface.
  4. APIs that check your Gmail and Facebook accounts to look for friends.Rejaw radar

It does not have:

  1. An API that checks your Twitter list to look for friends.
  2. A way (that I’ve found at least) to @ someone and let them know it. Perhaps the reply function makes that less needed.
  3. Editing a message after you send it. (I think this is a Plurk exclusive.)
  4. A mobile app, which I have to think they are working on.

I’ve believed for a while that Twitter is vulnerable to being the next Friendster. While Rejaw be the one to take them down? It’s possible. Good early start. Interestingly, this is also built in Ruby on Rails (like Twitter), so we’ll see if a massive influx of traffic is well handled.

If you want to follow me on Rejaw, it’s http://rejaw.com/jtobin.  See you there.

What do you think of it so far?

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