When to create an Instagram or Snapchat story

Creating “stories” – be it from the original Snapchat or the latest Instagram version, can be a great way for brands to connect with its fans and followers. But many brands tend to stray away from it, from lack of knowledge on how to best incorporate their content into short 15 second videos.


We’re here to make the case for outstanding content and engagement via Stories!

1) Sense of Urgency

Due to its 24-hour disappearing nature, Stories on Snapchat or Instagram have a fantastic urgent appeal to its followers. Promoting the existence of exclusive deals or otherwise unavailable information across other channels and directing users to watch your Stories is a great way to get them excited about what you’ve created.

Reward them, and they will continue to come back.

2) Opportunity to Get Creative

Even thought the concept of a Story isn’t necessarily new, it still lends itself to great creative freedom. Learn the available tools like filters, stickers, text and use the heck out of them! There is something to be said about brands that innovate this interesting space and create one-of-a-kind, highly engaging Stories.

Don’t be afraid to get funky with it!

3) Feels personal, opens up a conversation

If your brand has a “face” or a spokesperson or even an influencer to represent it, don’t be afraid to use it! Create videos that open up a conversation and leave your DM capabilities open to see what your fans have to say. Ask them questions, give advice, share tips – it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as it turns into a 2-way conversation.

Hear them out and create an actual conversation.

4) A blank slate every day (no need for direct continuity story by story)

One of the coolest thing about Stories is that what you’ve done previously isn’t staring your followers in the face in this space. Every Story can be a fresh take, or a brand-new idea. There is no comparison of content holding you back from straying too far from brand guidelines or continuity.

Every Story gives you a chance to start fresh – take them!

5) Still feels fresh and new for brands, when done correctly.

This form of social media is still in its young stages, so take advantage of the youth of the medium and the youth of those engaging in it. Don’t try too hard so that your content feels “contrived.” Know your audience and whether or not they’re inclined to interact with Stories. If so, full speed ahead.

We hope you’ve been able to cook up some awesome ideas for your next Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Happy snapping!

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