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How Brands Can Participate in Worldwide InstaMeet 12

Next week, on October 6th, Instagram turns 5! The social network has  been putting on its big boy pants as it ramps up its ad sales and looks at expanding its EMEA presence. In perfect sync with its 5th birthday, Instagram is organizing the 12th Worldwide InstaMeet. That’s right, hashtag happy Instagram addicts around the globe are uniting at pre-determined spots to snap artfully curated photos. Sounds like a brand’s social media dream, right? Luckily, with a little planning, brands can easily get in on the action in a few key ways.

1) Be the host of an official InstaMeet.

A while back, TOMS collaborated with LA photographer Pete Halvorsen and held an InstaMeet in Venice Beach. The InstaMeet focused on beautifying surrounding neighborhoods and connecting locals, both of which align with the TOMS brand values. The important takeaway here is to make sure that your brand has a natural tie-in to the event that doesn’t feel manufactured. Also, be prepared to have one or more influencers lead and be the face of your InstaMeet. It’s going to be tough to get IGers excited about your event if the frontrunner isn’t someone relatable with clout.

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2) Set Up Shop Along the Route.

At the upcoming InstaMeet, hundreds of Instagrammers are likely going to be walking semi-long routes. Often, the routes wind through thoroughfares and even through buildings. Consider setting up shop along the path and use that prime real estate to appeal to your target audience in person. Show an investment in what they’re doing by offering up branded gear that will help them beef up their posts that day, like a monopod or LED light. Or offer nourishment to help keep them going; coffee pop-ups and food trucks reign supreme at InstaMeets.

3) Get on the Ground Floor.

What are you waiting for? Some of your biggest advocates might be walking amongst you! Send your community manager to the nearest InstaMeet location and have them engage with people directly. The theme for the upcoming InstaMeet is #todayimet and encourages users to meet their Instagram connections IRL. What better way to jump in organically than to actually meet people who do or can have a connection with your brand?

InstaMeet Detroit



So, what are you waiting for? Jump in on this weekend’s Worldwide InstaMeet 12! If the turnaround is too tight, don’t worry! You can set up your own InstaMeet at any time or wait for the next round this year.

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