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It’s 9:00am on a work day and I’m already thinking about lunch. Since naturally it needs to decided now, time to go onto Instagram to see who could lure me to their fast food restaurant based upon their feed. Using QSR’s list from 2018 for inspiration, I even looked at those that aren’t local to our Michigan office and here were my favorites based upon their social presence on Instagram.

Taco Bell

I’m just going to start out with my favorite, Taco Bell. Their content has a theme for each row of their feed and it’s just pleasing to look at. Also, you get to wonder what the next row is going to be themed.

Taco Bell


Utilizing a lot of stop motion for their posts, Wendy’s shares their food in a clever way. Not only does the food look good, it’s fun to see how they are going to animate it next.



Starting in December of last year, the focus of their feed has been the customers of McDonald’s. It’s interesting to read what McDonald’s means to them. It’s not really the faces behind McDonald’s but the faces that go there. One thing I’m missing is the look of their food to help me decide however, I do like the route they went with these stories.


Burger King

Maybe I shouldn’t have written this so close to lunch (yes I realize it’s early still), but Burger King’s Instagram does what I think they set out to do, make you hungry. Great close up images of their food just make one want to reach through the monitor and grab something to eat. I’m going for those cinnamon rolls right now.

burger king


Remember how you were told as a child to not play with your food? Arby’s says play away with one look at their feed. They have some really creative artwork using their food, though it makes me more crafty feeling than hungry. Can you buy the Spyro plate there?



Guess I know where I’m going next time I visit our North Carolina office because the photos of their food on Instagram. The wings, the toast…they know how to make their food call to you. Their photos are appetizing and nicely framed.


In-N-Out Burger

I know it’s a fan favorite out there, but I have to say, I was underwhelmed when I hopped on over (after a great deal of searching – I was spelling it wrong) to their Instagram. It’s not clear what’s going on with their feed and the two food images they posted aren’t…real. Sorry guys.


El Pollo Loco

Looking at their feed, there seems to be a shift in styling. The newest images remind me of home cooked meals, not what I remember of El Pollo Loco last time I was in California. However, scrolling back, the images are more familiar of the fast food I recall. It leaves me feeling a little confused, but hungry.

pollo new

Home cooked feel

pollo old

Fast food feel


The list wouldn’t be complete without a pizza place. I went through a few feeds and while the creative was unique, it wasn’t until I came upon Domino’s that I went, “Yeah pizza looks good”. Pizza, no frills, no special photo shoot, just pizza and how it looks in real life. Five of those photos below received over 10k in likes.


Now that we’ve given you some real food for thought, what do you think of the Fast Food places mentioned in this post? Are we missing any of your favorites? Need help deciding how you want to represent your offerings on Instagram? Hit us up, we love helping, especially when food is involved.

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