5 Technology Influencers To Follow On Social Media

With technology it’s difficult to stay on top of things; phones are constantly being upgraded, new televisions come out all the time and video games keep releasing. That’s just a few items since computers and gadgets haven’t even been mentioned. It can be a struggle to know what’s the best of the best, which is why tech influencers are great sources to use when researching what to buy next. Below are a few great technology influencers to turn to when you’re looking for latest and greatest.

Our List of Technology Influencers to Watch

Unbox Therapy

Just like the name alludes to, their YouTube channel is all about taking new products out of their boxes and checking them out. They share their findings with the rest of us so we can get a first look at some of the latest and greatest before forking over our cash. Want to know more about the iPhone X? Click the video above.

Marques Brownlee

Another YouTube influencer who reviews the latest products is a great place to get Marques first impression. Not only does he review products but helps explain features in his YouTube Playlist “Explained”. This time instead of another iPhone X video, we’ll see what Marque’s impression is of the Samsung Galaxy 8.


Technology influencers - detroitborg

Not only is he repping Detroit, he loves to talk about gadgets, software and accessories on his YouTube channel. He’s an excellent source for all things Apple and while this doesn’t relate to technology, there’s an adorable pup that pops up on his Instagram from time to time.


If gaming is your passion then look no further than this YouTube channel. He’s hilarious and does an awesome job at highlighting the different games out there. Makes it easier to decide whether or not your interested in purchasing them.

The Family Gaming Team

This time we have a whole crew of gamers, a family of five. They gameplays are part game review and part comedy sketches, the kids are adorable as they navigate the games.

These were just a sampling of the great technology influencers out there, did we miss any you follow? Comment below and let us know who you go to for your daily tech news.

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