5 Influencers to Follow in the New Year

New Year coming up, means new Influencers to follow. We’ve served up a handful of influencers to follow throughout this year so it’s only fitting that we end the year with a few more.

The Brunch Boys

Serious pizza requires a serious face.

Who doesn’t love brunch? It never fails that my favorite influencers to check up on either are heavy on the food photos or pet photos. Well the Brunch Boys are constantly making me hungry and wanting to ask my sister (who lives in NY) if she’s been to every place they post about. They’re a good resource if you’re traveling to NY and if you’re a restaurant in NY, they’re a good resource to partner with as I’m already contemplating where to eat on my next trip there.

Wear, Wag, Repeat

Like I said, food or pets. If you’re a dog owner or a lover of dogs, especially labs then now is the time to start following Tori. Lucy is a show stealer in my professional opinion and who wouldn’t want to work with this face? On her blog she has a lot of great gift ideas for pets and pet lovers as well as articles about where to stay with your pets on vacation and DIY ideas.

Jacob the Fu

Labeled as a local adventurer, him and his team offer a unique perspective of their travels. On Instagram you can’t help but smile at looking through all the jumping for joy photos. Not only is the photography on point, their website offers packing guides, bucket list ideas along with city guides and tales of recent adventures.

Sugar and Charm

With a little bit of everything, their blog is beautifully put together with crisp, clean photography. From unique (and easy) recipes, entertaining recommendations, DIY to Travel they have a little bit of everything. The daily charm section has to be my favorite to peruse. Seriously though, can we just talk about how great their photos look?

Joyful Healthy Eats


Lastly, since the Holiday season is upon us and that means…eat everything you want, rules are off for December. Right? Well, since come January most of us will be looking for ways to make up for the December binging, here is a healthy eating blog to help out. Joyful Healthy Eats has some easy healthy recipes to help you out. Scroll through their Instagram account to find tantalizing photos of food that isn’t bad for you then head over to the blog for great step-by-step instructions.


Now that we’ve provided you with five influencers that you might want to add to your social feeds, we’d love to hear what ones you go to for daily inspiration.

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