4 Things Marketers Can Learn From Influencers

We are constantly learning more and more about the world of influencers. Some of these items are more “in-general” learnings however, here are four lessons that we’ve learned from working with influencers that can benefit you in the coming year.

1. Tap Into That Network

The world of influencers is heavily connected, they network, they attend conferences together and some may even be real-life friends. There have been plenty of times where I have reached out to one of my influencers and asked them for suggestions on other influencers who might be interested in one of our campaigns. When you get influencers that are connected, they tend to interact with each other’s content, which just helps get that content in front of more eyes. More eyes = more impressions.


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes a brand may come to you with a difficult ask, whether it’s a product or an idea behind a product. If you find yourself struggling for a way to get some great content generated or a theme to bring all that content together, don’t be hesitant to ask an influencer that you have a good relationship with. They most likely will be overjoyed that you came to them and come up with all sorts of innovative concepts. Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of ears or eyes to get that creativeness going.


3. Don’t Doubt Your Campaign

Having trouble getting influencers to bite on a campaign? Don’t fret, there is someone out there that is interested in your brand and wants to write about it. Sometimes all you need is to look at your pitch and switch it up a little. There have been a times when I’m ready to throw in the towel after a couple rejections. If you have ever felt this way, ask a couple influencers you pitched why they turned down the assignment. Take that feedback, relook at your pitch and recraft it to see if you can get some bites. I bet you do.

4. Plan Ahead

As we have preached many times before, influencers have lives and they are busy. Don’t wait until the last minute to try and secure someone for your campaign if you can help it (we know sometimes approvals come late and then you just have to work with it). Influencers get booked up and plan their content calendars out ahead of time. So if you only have a two-week turnaround it may be difficult to get someone on board, or if you do they may not have the reach that you were promising as a return.


These are just four lessons learned from influencers over the past year(s), but they are definitely something to keep in mind when you are planning out influencer campaigns. This will help ensure that not only the campaigns successful, BUT those participating enjoy working on your campaign. If you’d like to learn more about influencer marketing and how it can help your brand, give us a jingle.

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