Social Media Roundup – Fourth of July

The Fourth of July brought us a multitude of fireworks, grilling out, and hangovers last week. Along with the influx of poorly-shot iPhone videos featuring local fireworks displays in newsfeeds, brands often got in on the conversation, finding ways to jump in on top-of-mind conversations. Here are some of our favorite Fourth of July social media tactics from this year.


Short, sweet, and to the point, Lowes used an awesome short-form video to capture audience attention and highlight the holiday without being self-serving. The video connected back to what Lowes does well (helping out with yard and home supplies) without pushing product or sales, and instead relied on simple visuals to keep users engaged.


For a channel that is all about content, YouTube had tons of inspiration to draw from for the holiday. The brand kept posts relevant and interesting by revisiting content on their channel relating back to the history of the Fourth of July, the heavy eating culture of the day, and a tribute back to the natural beauty of America.


Two of the biggest themes within branded social posts for the Fourth of July were grilling and polls, and Walmart used both aspects when finding a way to talk about the holiday on social. A few days before the Fourth, the brand asked users what they were most excited to grill, subtly highlighting their online order and curbside pick-up service as a means to get their favorite foods. This post stayed true to the holiday, reminded audiences of Walmart’s relevant services, and provided the brand an opportunity to gain insight into what products were likely to need higher stock volumes on that day.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays took a different approach to the Fourth of July holiday, focusing less on backyard barbeques and fireworks, highlighting different alcoholic beverages at their locations for audiences to enjoy. While the brand tweeted heavily throughout the day of July Fourth, they kept the conversation relevant after the holiday, posting a poll for audiences who may have indulged a bit too much the day before about how they were handling July 5th.

Creating brand content focused around a holiday can be difficult, as striking the right balance between remaining authentic and being relevant to your industry can be a challenge. If you’re unsure about whether or not to engage in holiday content, or if you want a hand coming up with something that resonates, we’re here to help.

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