Social Media Roundup- Father’s Day 2018

Another national holiday has come and gone, so naturally, many brands relished the opportunity to take part in the larger conversation. This works for some brands, opening the door to get creative around a topic that relates back to their company. Sometimes though, it’s better for official accounts to stay in their lane (here are a few ways to tell).

Today, we’re breaking down who succeeded and who flopped on social media this Father’s Day.

In the Win Column…

Laundry detergent brand Tide teamed up with a couple NFL teams to surprise unsuspecting dads on Father’s Day. In this example from the Green Bay Packers, running back and first-year father Ty Montgomery helps a couple dads “take a load off” and relax with their kids while he helps with their laundry. This campaign is a well-executed example of partner content that makes sense for both the brand and its audience.

BarkBox is another brand that caught our attention on social media this Father’s Day…again. After its Dog Dad Love Song music video featuring, you guessed it – dog dads singing sweet nothings to their pups, turned out to be the most engaging Father’s Day post on Facebook in 2017, BarkBox repurposed the social media gold for 2018. The results? Confirmed: people still love satire and dogs. This year’s post received over two thousand comments and five thousand shares, showing a successful case of refreshing content when appropriate.

Another Father’s Day win came from the UFC. To promote the upcoming UFC 226 event, main event stars Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier sat down to tell some good ol’ dad jokes. The video, which has been viewed nearly half a million times across UFC’s social channels, shows a lighter, more approachable side to the heavyweight champion fighters while also generating excitement for their upcoming bout.

Better Luck Next Time…

Of course, for every great social media example there are dozens that leave people scratching their heads.

Enter: OREO.

While OREO has been considered one of the most successful brands in social media marketing, The World’s Favorite Cookie recognized Father’s Day 2018 in an interesting way – shouting out the infamous undergarment synonymous with dads: tighty-whities. The post shows the top half of the sandwich cookie being lifted to reveal that the cream filling is in the shape of underwear with the message “this OREO goes out to the 1,028,988 #Dads who wear their tighty-whities with pride.” What is meant as a harmless way to poke fun at dads just comes across as odd and rather unappetizing. Thanks, but no thanks, OREO.

National holidays can be tricky for brands to nail down, especially when the topic doesn’t directly relate to their company. If you’re curious about whether or not you should engage in the next big day, or if you want to rev up your overall social media game, we’re here to help.

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