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Social Media Round Up: Best in Class July 4th

As holidays roll around, it is a common pastime for social media marketers to see how other brands choose to celebrate or not celebrate through social content. Generally, brands need to walk a fine line in how they choose the leverage the holiday, as it can backfire quickly. This post takes a look at some of the brands we categorized as best-in-class for the 4th of July content.

Best Buy Twitter GIF

Best Buy went with a classic fireworks display in their 12 second GIF. They also used some of the firework bursts to create outlines of tech products (headphones, VR glasses, laptop, etc.). The copy was short and sweet and leveraged the #FourthofJuly hashtag.

GE Instagram Image

GE posted a simple, but powerful image to celebrate the 4th. The photo was taken at one of their manufacturing facilities. The copy ties in the holiday with GE’s workplace culture saying the ‘flag hangs above the factory floor’. They incorporated relevant hashtags, #FourthofJuly and #IndependenceDay.

Heinz Ketchup GIF Facebook

GIF’s were a popular choice of media to celebrate the 4th. Heinz Ketchup created a #4thOfJuly GIF for Facebook. The GIF was of 3 bottles and message outlined by ketchup. The ketchup bottle takes off and explodes into fireworks. The message and execution was simple and to the point.

Daisy Facebook Canvas Ad

For our final best-in-class nomination, I have to go with our #client Daisy. We created a ‘Summer Grilling’ Canvas ad for them. This interactive canvas unit had 4th of July inspired recipes that incorporated Daisy Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese. There was a consistent theme of red, white and blue throughout the entire display.

Overall, it seems like a lot of brands decided to forgo posting around the 4th of July this year. Did you see any other winning 4th of July posts from your favorite brands?

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