How to Plan Holiday Content that Fits Your Brand

The year is winding down, and none of us want to be caught off-guard by the Paul Revere of content planning yelling “The holidays are coming!” It’s not just important to have holiday content, it’s important that you have the right holiday content for your brand. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your brand’s holiday content:

Plan Ahead


One of the nice things about holiday content is we know the dates well in advance. This gives you and your brand cornerstones on which an entire calendar of holiday content can be planned. Don’t forget to give each piece of holiday content time to stand on its own as to avoid message fatigue. Not everyone wants to see Christmas content starting in October.

Stay on Brand

Just because Halloween is coming doesn’t mean you need posts about trick-or-treating. Think about certain aspects of each holiday that best fit your brand’s voice, no matter where it lands on a scale of sarcastic to endearing. Don’t feel compelled to post on Black Friday just because nearly everyone else is.

Tell a Story

Hopefully a lot of eyes will be on your holiday content, which makes this a great time to tell a story about what makes your brand unique. Focus less on the tangible and more on the intangibles about your brand: the emotions and feelings that distinguish your brand and their holiday offerings/messages from others.

Create Beautiful Content


This is often easier said than done, but creating beautiful, eye-catching content that is likely to be shared is key this time of year. Our content production team is focused on creating images that will grab attention and copy to communicate stories this season.

Have questions about how to make all of this work? We’d love to help!

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