5 Tips for a Flawless Holiday Social Campaign

Hard to believe we are turning a sharp corner into the last quarter of the year and it’s time to start planning your holiday social campaign.

Holiday Social Campaign

Q4 is make or break for a lot of businesses and each year, the competition grows.  According to eMarketer social media advertising is expected to account for nearly $30 billion of all digital ad spending, no doubt Q4 and the holiday season is going to contribute greatly to that number.


Given the high budgets and the increased competition for ad space during the holiday season, here are 5 Tips for a successful holiday season.

  • Consider starting your holiday ad spend a little early. The competition for ad space gets expensive and highly competitive after Black Friday through Christmas. Think about running your sales early and spending the bulk of your dollars prior to that timeframe to maximize your budget. If you don’t rely on Q4 to meet your yearly goals, you might want to stop spending during that time all together.
  • Start planning to diversify your spending. While Facebook and Instagram are desirable for the masses, don’t forget about Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to start driving sales early into the holiday season.
  • Facebook continues to prioritize video and is rolling out more tools to help you create videos. Consider ad formats that support video, including  in-stream video placements to help break through the holiday clutter.
  • Target. Target. The key to a killer social strategy is knowing your target audience. Be sure to narrow your paid buying strategy to reach the right audience. Each platform has a bevy of tools to help you select the right audience to target your ads. These tools are in place to help you maximize your budget and drive sales.
  • And finally, don’t forget even when you are trying to drive sales, your content should still be social-first.

Worried about executing your holiday campaign and meeting your Q4 goals? Don’t fret, contact us. We still have a couple of our Content That Converts™ packages available for Q4.

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