Don’t Let Your 4th of July Content Fizzle Out

The 4th of July is a tricky holiday for marketers. To ignore it completely comes across a little unpatriotic, but swing too far in the opposite direction, decorating your channel with rippling flags and eye-popping flashes of red, white, and blue, and you risk your content becoming nothing more than a desperate attempt to cash in on a national holiday. From videos to contests, read on for ways to make sure your 4th of July content sparks the engagement you’re looking for.

Be Subtle

When creating holiday content, let the old maxim “Less is more” be your guide. Don’t go overboard with patriotic messaging, design, or imagery, limit yourself to one American flag, and (unless you’re representing an aviary) avoid anything to do with eagles.

Make It Relevant


From backyard BBQs to TV promotions and sales, the weeks leading up to the 4th of July are full of patriotic messaging, all vying for consumer’s money and time. Make sure your brand stands out by providing timely, engaging content that’s relevant to your audience.

Are your followers the outdoorsy type? Provide them with a list of activities to enjoy outside on the 4th of July, or create a handy infographic they can take with them on their travels. Rather than being overly promotional, focus on being helpful instead. Tap into what your audience is looking for in terms of holiday inspiration, then offer them that information in a useful or entertaining way. Employ one of these content strategies and watch your engagement rates take off like a bottle rocket.

  • Create a themed Pinterest board centered around patriotic décor, recipes, activities, or fashion.
  • Put together an infographic
  • Create a fun GIF or video
  • Create a photo collage with red, white, and blue products
  • Put together a 4th of July themed Canvas ad




Engage Your Audience

Likes and comments are great, but what you’re really after is shares. Tap into the social nature of the 4th of July and organize a photo contest or giveaway for your fans! From family celebrations to contests to determine the true 4th of July grill master, photo contests are great for gathering shareable content. Invite followers to submit their photos with a custom hashtag, or ask them to pose with your product or share a 4th of July story or memory.  Tapping into consumer’s feelings is the quickest way to get them to engage with your brand, but the warm summer weather plays a factor in engaging your fan base, too!


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