Google Acquires Feedburner: More Services for Free

Google is at it again — another acquisition that leads to free tools and services. The latest? News feed management service FeedBurner.feedburner.jpg

If you have a website or blog I encourage you to check it out. Because what an acquisition by Google really means is that Feedburner’s RSS analytic and management services such as TotalStats and MyBrand (once only available for paid members) are now free.

It also means that optimization just got easier and you have no excuse (not even price) to know who you are speaking to and how effective your site or blog is being. It’s reporting can tell you exactly how many people have clicked in your feed, the number of subscribers you have, and even the total number of podcast downloads you receive.

And in case you think this is too good to be true, there’s even more stats it can provide that I haven’t listed.

Check it out. Enjoy.

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