Taco Bell: Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail #18

Moving along in our Facebook Fan Page Examples series, we take a moment to “Live Más” and evaluate Taco Bell‘s Facebook presence. The page has garnered just over 8.7 million Likes, which is more than competitors Chick-fil-A (about 5.1 million Likes) and Buffalo Wild Wings (about 7.7 million Likes), but has approximately 135% fewer Likes than McDonald’s super-sized fan page. With that being said, let us see how Taco Bell highlights their product and engages with their fans.

The Wall

Integrated with Taco Bell’s latest campaign, visitors are greeted with a cover photo that features the tagline “Live Más,” with the About section containing additional copy that incorporates more of the “Live Más” messaging. However, that is where the integration stops—there are currently no sweepstakes or promotions on the page, nor a clear call-to-action to support the campaign. The lone custom Facebook app directs visitors to Taco Bell’s world-wide properties on Facebook, including the Feed the Beat music series, Graduate to Go high school dropout awareness effort, as well as their International locations on the network. There is potential here to expand on the “Live Más” campaign and introduce another level of engagement to their audience on Facebook.

Taco Bell Cover Photo

Graduate to Go

With no active promotion-based apps, Taco Bell seems to favor using wall content to highlight their ongoing promotions. From late May to early June, there was a push to promote the Graduate to Go initiative via wall posts. The goal was to raise $1 million dollars that would go towards helping teens graduate high school. There were several posts that offered to donate $5 to Graduate to Go for every Like on the post—the initial post was able to garner close to 90,000 Likes. The program seemed to be affective, raising $1 million along with the celebrity endorsement of actor Mark Wahlberg.

Taco Bell Graduate to Go_1

Taco Bell Graduate to Go_2

Taco Bell Timeline

The Taco Bell brand is relatively young when compared to its brethren in the fast food world, but even so, Taco Bell proudly celebrates its 50 year history via Facebook Milestones. Coined “50 Years of Firsts,” their milestones showcase their journey and tap into fans’ feelings of nostalgia, as well as highlight Taco Bell’s contributions and influence in their industry.

Taco Bell Milestone

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Taco Bell Content Strategy

In terms of content frequency, on average Taco Bell is posting once per day. People who Like Taco Bell appear to be engaged, the content is good-natured and witty, containing quick one-liners under 90 characters long, with the majority of the posts having a photo associated with it. In observing the patterns in the photos uploaded, they seem to fall within one of the following categories:

  • Food product
  • Border Sauce packet
  • Beverage
  • Entertaining meme
  • Exterior Taco Bell locations/corporate promotion

We decided to pit Taco Bell’s Facebook content engagement against Chick-fil-A‘s to compare and contrast the engagement rates of each.

Taco Bell vs. Chick-fil-A

Overall, it appears that Taco Bell’s fans are more deeply engaged than those of Chick-fil-A. This contrast in engagement may be due to the fact that Taco Bell includes more photos in its updates. I found that about 40% of Chick-fil-A’s posts contained photos, compared to 60% of Taco Bell’s posts. More photos coupled with copy that is short and to the point probably accounts for the higher rates of engagement.

What are your thoughts on Taco Bell’s Facebook presence? Does it “Live Más” or would you like to see more? Let us know in the comments below.

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