Reese’s: Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail #16

For our next Facebook Fan Page Example, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Reese’s page, where more than 9.1 million fans go to show their appreciation for the brand’s beloved peanut butter cups. Although Reese’s has a well-developed timeline and interesting wall posts, their page lacks interactive applications that could increase their fan base and engagement rates.

Reese’s Landing Tab: Wall

Visitors to the fan page first land on the Reese’s wall. The brand does a good job of putting up frequent, engaging posts that solicit fan feedback and praise for the company’s products. Posts include voting-style polls, questions comparing different Reese’s products and announcements for new events and promotions. However, the brand needs to focus on actually drawing visitors into these promotional events.

For example, when users click on the cover photo that features a Reese’s slogan and the cast of the new Avengers movie, they are taken to a photo window that doesn’t add any context; there isn’t a tab or application that explains the correlation between the brand and the movie, either. Users have to separately visit the Reese’s brand website to learn about the Hershey’s Saves the Day promotion surrounding the movie’s release. From a user experience perspective, this type of disconnect is likely to cause visitors to lose interest in the campaign.

Reese's Facebook Wall

Reese’s NCAA March Madness

Reese’s has both a tab and a wall post about their NCAA March Madness promotion, which offers the chance to win a trip to the 2013 NCAA Men’s Final Four and Reese’s candy for life. This content raises awareness of the giveaway and facilitates conversation about it, but the tab falls flat in terms of originality – It consists of a large static image with a few embedded links. It would be nice to see Reese’s create a dynamic application that invites fans to participate in an interactive experience.

Reese’s Events

Other than the standard Videos, Rules and Notes tabs, the only tab left to explore is Events. There are four events listed that link to pages for promotions that occurred last year or before then. Unfortunately, the tab doesn’t offer anything of current interest to users, such as ongoing and upcoming events. Reese’s could benefit from keeping this tab up to date by adding posts for the NCAA March Madness and Hershey’s Saves the Day promotions.

Reese’s Timeline

The H.B. Reese Candy Company and Hershey’s are two brands with a lot of history, and Reese’s well-developed timeline represents it well. Fans love Reese’s because they grew up eating their peanut butter cups, so it follows that the brand’s history would be of interest to their fan base. Companies that have been around for decades should take advantage of Facebook’s timeline feature by using it to create those feelings of nostalgia and brand loyalty that often contribute to the popularity of long-standing products such as Reese’s.

Reese’s Fan Engagement

While Reese’s fan engagement rate has been fairly low, they are headed in the right direction. Posts linking out to peanut butter cup recipes faired the best as a category, while a sentimental engagement effort provoked the most fan feedback. Compared with competitor brand, Skittles, Reese’s approach to fan engagement is currently more successful. This may be attributable to the history of the Reese’s brand, as well as their style of writing posts. Skittles tends to post short, fun comments, whereas Reese’s often asks questions and introduces polls to encourage fan feedback.

The Reese’s fan page has a healthy number of followers and content that makes users want to get in the conversation. If the brand wants to continue to increase fans and engagement rates, they are going to have to make an effort to develop original, interactive apps that get fans more involved with the brand.

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