Monster Energy Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail #10

Our latest installment of the Facebook Fan Page Examples series is all about Monster Energy. With over 12 million fans on Facebook, Monster Energy is a force in the beverage industry with an active following. The following is a quick look at how Monster Energy uses Facebook to engage with fans.

Monster Energy Default Landing Tab

The current default landing tab when users come to the fan page for the first time is for “Monster News.” Here, Monster Energy posts news as well as exclusive promotional content such as photography and videos of the concerts, sporting events and athletes that they sponsor.

The top of the Monster News Page showcases videos of Monster Energy sponsored events that are targeted towards engaging the demographic most likely to consume their product – young, active people. Monster Energy uses their release of exclusive content as a way for the brand to connect with its fan base.

Monster Facebook Page

Below the YouTube videos are links to Twitter feeds of the athletes and events that Monster Energy sponsors. By integrating Twitter and Facebook, Monster Energy is intensely using social media in an effort to promote fan engagement.

Additional Tabs

Monster Energy extensively uses videos and photos to draw in and engage their fans. Although every Facebook Page offers a photos and videos tab, Monster Energy uses new content to show how the brand represents itself more often than other companies.

Monster Energy Photos

Monster Energy can also be tagged in the photos and videos that fans upload. This content will then be displayed on the Monster Energy Facebook Page.

Monster Energy’s Facebook Content Strategy

Monster Energy frequently updates its Facebook Page with new exclusive content, sometimes up to several times a day. However, Monster Energy rarely asks engaging questions (such as the one below) or attempts to cultivate on-topic conversations to promote interaction between the brand and its followers.

Monster Energy Engagement

Judging from how frequently fans publish on the Wall for Monster Energy, the brand is missing out on a great opportunity to strengthen their connection to their fans.

Also, the Wall for Monster Energy is not being monitored carefully from unnecessarily accumulating spam. This detracts from the actual fan voices as well as the message that the brand is trying to promote. Monster Energy is losing out on opportunity to gain a wealth of information about their fans that could be gained if a greater amount of time was spent on expunging spam.

Surprisingly enough, however, Monster Energy does not push its products very hard. It instead chooses to focus more on promoting the athletes that they sponsor and featuring photos and videos from the events they sponsor.

Engagement Rate Comparison: Monster Energy VS Red Bull

We decided to compare Monster Energy to Red Bull, another energy drink that was previously featured. Both brands focus heavily on self-produced content featuring promotional videos and athletes.

Monster Energy Engagement Rate

Red Bull posts roughly about twice a day and the content mostly ranges from videos of “epic” extreme sport tricks to music from the bands they sponsor. It appears that Monster Energy focuses more on promoting the events and athletes they sponsor than Red Bull. However, although Red Bull has approximately 10 million more fans than Monster Energy, the engagement rates for both brands are similar.

What are your thoughts on Monster Energy’s presence on Facebook? Please share in the comments below.

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