Lacoste: Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail #19

Keeping up with the 26 Facebook Fan Page Examples in Detail, it’s time to highlight the clothing brand with the famous reptilian logo and its 9.4 million fans: Lacoste. For me, my black Lacoste polo is the perfect go-to shirt for when I need to look casual but classy. When I throw it on, I know I’m good to go for the day (thanks, Lacoste!). As for their Facebook page, let’s take a moment to analyze their social efforts and see if they’re on par with their high-quality threads.

Lacoste Wall

Open up the Lacoste Facebook page, and you’ll see their wall. The overall tone of the page matches the brand extremely well, starting with the crocodile logo as their profile picture and further echoed with their stunning cover photos. Some feature sports like the picture below, some fashion and others a mix of both.

They’re also active with engaging posts, giving fans updates about everything from new products to Lacoste-sponsored events and campaigns. Most of these are supported by photos, which do a good job of attracting fans to the products as well as to the page itself. Lacoste also includes links to the specific products within the captions, providing fans access to the online store.

The one down side I can see to the posts is a lack of engagement with the comments; but with over 10 million fans, it’s quite difficult to address every response. They also don’t seem necessary in the majority of cases as most of the responses tend to be positive.

Lacoste Welcome Tab

The Welcome tab is the first of several tabs you’ll see when you visit the Lacoste fan page. It’s essentially a news tab that displays well-designed and timely promos that all link to the online store. Starting at the top, you’ll find a link to a microsite called “The Collection” that features an interactive series of short films and photo galleries revolving around Lacoste’s newest line of women’s clothing. The tab also provides links to Lacoste’s social networks, including the Lacoste Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube pages. If you’re going to take the time to leave the Facebook page, be sure to check out Lacoste’s Tumblr. It’s clean, crisp, and color-coordinated. As a design nerd, I have to say it represents the brand’s image much better than its Facebook page.

Lacoste Timeline

Lacoste makes excellent use of Facebook timeline. It’s a brand with an illustrious history, with products that appeal to both the sports and fashion world. Fans interested in exploring the company’s past will be able to learn about founder Rene Lacoste’s life, tennis, and the release dates of the various products they’ve become known for over the years. Lacoste’s timeline compliments the brand’s desire for an innovative future by reflecting on its successful past.

Lacoste Wallpaper Generators

If you dig deeper into Lacoste’s fan page, you’ll find three different wallpaper tabs marked GoodiesCroc Moods, and MyCROC. You know, just in case one wallpaper tab wasn’t enough.

The Goodies tab features several models in Lacoste apparel and downloadable wallpapers. You click a button and it’s yours. The Croc Moods and MyCROC have a little more customization, allowing you to design your own wallpapers and phone backgrounds. For example, with MyCROC, you choose one or two different “attitudes” and it creates a stylized version of the Lacoste alligator. Mine (see below) was made from “Night” and “Sport.”

Those of you reading this are probably asking what the point of these wallpaper generators is, and that’s a good question. They’re fun and flashy to click around for about a minute, but if you’re not looking to change the wallpaper on your computer or Facebook profile, they don’t offer anything more than a pleasant distraction. Fun and flashy is great, but they don’t need three sources of wallpaper on their page. If anything, they should consolidate the three tabs and add a shopping functionality or give us more interactive ways to view their products, such as the Lacoste Lab, a cool microsite that used to be linked within the Facebook Page.

Lacoste Engagement Review

The Lacoste fan page has more fans than their major competitors, but their engagement rates are relatively low. Photo posts featuring new products and styles fared the best as a category, while a third party contest gained the least attention of the surveyed engagement posts. Compared with competitor Ralph Lauren, their engagement numbers are nearly identical. However, Lacoste has nearly twice as many fans, so they’re reaching out and getting responses from twice as many people. The difference in fan numbers could be attributed to the fact that Lacoste is more of an international brand than Ralph Lauren.

Lacoste has a strong number of followers, recently surpassing 10 million fans. If they want to continue to foster growth and interaction with the page, they should find a more interactive way to display their new products and styles. Following the path of their interactive “The Collection” site and incorporating their history as they promote new lines could be a different way to showcase their materials and get the fans involved with the page.

Let us know what you think of the Lacoste Facebook page in the comments below.

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