How to Develop a Sound Facebook Fan Page Strategy: Step 1

As a social media agency, we advise companies on how to conduct their presence within Facebook, particularly for fan pages.  In this exercise, we must figure out why a fan would want to become a fan in the first place, why they would stay a fan, and how we can get them to become more invested and engaged as a fan.

To do this, we take some time to set a Facebook fan page strategy.  After this is determined, we either implement the strategy (9 times out of 10), or this strategy is carried out by internal client teams.  Either way, we are held responsible for the success.  In this series,  I will review the following 5 steps to developing and implementing a successful fan page strategy:

Let’s start with the first, and most important, step.

Step 1: Develop the Value Proposition

As I mentioned above, before posting any updates to the wall or developing any custom tabs, you must figure out what value you are providing your fans.  This value proposition should be reflected throughout all efforts on the Facebook fan page, and is crucial to the page’s success.  Quite simply, the stronger the value proposition, the easier you will acquire and retain fans.

The eMarketer chart below sheds some light into the research that exists that can help see what motivates most Facebook fans to fan a brand in the first place.

Unfortunately, creating a firm value proposition is where we find it most difficult for a company to fully commit to their Facebook presence.  For instance, 25% of respondents in this study said that they are fans of a brand on Facebook simply to receive discounts and participate in promotions.  Unfortunately for many brands, developing valuable discounts to fans is harder than it seems.  For one, many coupons or promotions are already set for the year, or a company may find it difficult to develop a process for fulfilling these discounts online or in-store.

Whatever the restrictions may be, this value proposition has to be clear from the beginning, and communicated throughout the page’s presence.  It doesn’t mean it can’t change or morph over time, but it should be well established in order to ensure that fans get something out of becoming a fan.

As you consider what your brand’s value proposition should be, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do your fans value?
  • What do your fans like talking about?
  • What can you offer your fans that you can’t offer them elsewhere?
  • How will you consistently provide this value proposition?

Next week I’ll review the outward manefestation of this value proposition by developing a content strategy that you can refer to for the ongoing content posted to your page.

In the meantime, please share in the comments below the value propositions you’ve found to be most powerful for your branded page or other pages you’ve interacted and engaged with!

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