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Facebook this week introduced Lifestage, a new app only available to people in the “high school” life stage. I’ll discuss that, plus improvements that make Facebook video ads much easier and Twitter notifications much cleaner, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Lifestage is Facebook’s New High School Only App

If you’re 22 or older, you can download Lifestage, but you’ll be blocked from seeing any content. The new app, designed by a 19-year-old Facebook engineer, creates a profile for each user by asking them to shoot videos of their happy face, best friend, etc. Users don’t need a Facebook profile, but they do need to pick their high school. It will then show videos of people from that school and others nearby. Will it take off? So far, the 26 reviews on iTunes give it just 2 stars, so we’ll see. The name, however, suggests to me that they plan to roll this out to many life stages eventually.


Calculating the ROI of Customer Engagement

So many people understand implicitly that connecting with customers is good for a brand. But proving ROI is even better. To that end, a new Harvard Business Review article came out this week called “Calculating the ROI of Customer Engagement.” It’s Harvard and there’s math involved (((Value of Answers + Networked Value of Answers) – Community Budget)/Community Budget)) but for those of you working seriously to figure this out, the example from H&R Block in this article is worth reading.

ROI of Engagement

Facebook Making It Easier to Produce Video Ads

Facebook has been pushing video non-stop for the last 6-12 months. In fact, they’re even testing having autoplay videos start with the sound on (a horrible idea by the way). But when Facebook pushes something, Facebook advertisers would be wise to comply. To that end, they’ve added new features to their Slideshow tool. In addition to easily taking your photos and making them ads, you can now add text and music, create an ad on mobile and even use images from Facebook’s stock library to supplement your own.

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