Facebook Launches Live-Streaming Capabilities

Facebook is getting into the live-streaming space, but only for celebrities with verified accounts. Public figures (actors, athletes, influencers, musicians, etc.) are now able to launch a live-stream through the Facebook Mentions app. We will take a look at how Facebook live-streaming works, examples of how it is being used, and how brands can get involved.

How it Works

For now, all Facebook Live-Streaming, called Live, is done through the Mentions app. The Mentions app, which launched exclusively to public figures in 2014, helps the famous to stay in touch with their fans. Facebook has made creating a live-stream a very easy process. Users tap on the Live Video button where they normally post updates, create a description and then ‘Go Live’. During their broadcast, they can toggle between front and rear cameras, view or hide comments in real-time and see how many viewers are watching. Once the broadcast ends, the video is automatically posted to their Facebook page.

FB Live2

Facebook Live-In the Wild

Facebook has partnered with a variety of celebrities to promote the new live-streaming feature (Serena Williams, Luke Bryan, Dwayne The Rock Johnson). If a user follows a particular public figure on Facebook, their live-stream will show up in their News Feed. Also, if they have recently interacted with the celebrity’s posts they will receive a notification when the celebrity starts their broadcast. The early-adopters have gotten creative with their live-streaming topics: sharing cooking demos, behind-the-scenes at events, and practicing their sport.

FB Live4

What about Brands?

If you have a partnership with a public figure, you are in luck, if not, your live-streaming days on Facebook will have to wait. This might not be such a bad thing. Some of the posts I have seen about Facebook Live is that the platform is still working out some of the streaming kinks. To date, celebrities are using the tool to focus on engaging with fans in real-time, but I am sure it is only a matter of time until they start weaving in endorsements, sponsors, and partner content. If your brand partnerships allow you to leverage this new capability, the most important thing is to ensure the content keeps the organic and natural feel that live-streaming was intended to be. With the increased focus on video content, I am sure Facebook will give priority to Live in users’ News Feed. This could be an exciting way for brands to reach new and existing audiences through partners, but content that is overly promotional could drive fans away.AB FB Live


What do you think? Will you be exploring this new Facebook feature to reach your audience? We’d love to hear some of your thoughts, below.

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