Facebook Improves Ad Transparency

Facebook will soon allow users to see more information in the “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” dropdown on any ad they are served. The update includes showing users whether they are part of a custom audience, and if so, who uploaded their data to Facebook to create the custom audience. It also shows which pieces of their personal information were used to target them (e.g., name, email address, phone number, etc.)


Facebook Ad Transparency

This is an important update because it’s possible that people will be upset with seeing their personal information used in this manner. It’s critical to make sure that any lists uploaded to Facebook are in accordance with the terms & conditions that the user agreed to. For example, if your terms specify they won’t be used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties, you should not use this information to create a custom audience to serve ads directly to. Moving forward, we recommend you revise your terms & conditions to include broader marketing efforts.


Facebook Custom Audience Updates

We advise you to confirm that any customer data that has been uploaded to Facebook for use in a Custom Audience Campaign was done with proper user consent. Viewers targeted by those ads will be able to see that their information has been uploaded to Facebook by your brand. This is planned to go into effect by March 11th.

If it’s unclear whether or not user information has been obtained properly, we recommend that any active Custom Audience Ads be turned off to avoid potential issues until you have clarity on the terms agreed to for your customer data lists.

If you need help managing the Facebook ad transparency updates and your custom audiences, let us know!

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