The Evolution of Facebook Marketing Whitepaper

Whitepaper: The Evolution of Facebook Marketing

Even the casual fan knows the story of Facebook – it began as a side project, then became a Harvard-only social network, then a social network for select colleges, and so on.  The user has always been the “customer,” Facebook has become increasingly marketer-and-brand-centric. It’s evolution as a marketing platform is vast and varied, and the ongoing changes with the platform create obvious friction and sometimes frustration.

However, the friction creates opportunities for savvy marketers that can quickly adapt to change.  And considering that change and iteration lie at the core of Facebook’s product development philosophy, marketers must remain on the lookout for opportunity amongst the chaos.

The Evolution of Facebook Marketing

The Evolution of Facebook Marketing

From Groups and Likes to Pages and Fans. Throw in the launch of Timeline and Facebook’s constantly changing algorithm, there is a lot for social media marketers to keep up with.

The Evolution of Facebook Marketing takes a close look at Facebook’s continuing evolution, its impact on your brand’s social media marketing efforts, and outlines Facebook marketing best practices that you can immediately put into practice.

This whitepaper discusses:

3 Keys to Facebook Marketing Evolutionary Success

As social media changes, so should your brand’s marketing strategy. Three areas on which you need to focus in the next 18 months is: earned content and organic growth, mobile, and investing in content and proper targeting.

Finally and importantly, consider this document as version 1 of an ongoing effort to document the evolution of Facebook as a marketing platform. If past performance is any indication, the Facebook marketing best practices and status quo we discuss today will obviously look much different six-months from now.

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