Social Media Planning Around Popular Events

Many of us have been there before – you realize it’s the Oscars and you scramble to find something worthy of posting. But, what if you planned ahead instead of scrambling to find something that could potentially work? This saves you time in the long run and allows you to share quality content across your social channels that your audience can engage with. It can also help attract new followers, too.  Planning social content in advance ensures you always have quality content to share with your audience on a consistent basis. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can be prepared and plan ahead for those timely events.

Research & Brainstorm

It’s as simple as it sounds! At the beginning of the year, take some time to research big events happening that year and see where you as a brand fit. Figure out what content will resonate with your audience and what won’t. A great way to do this is looking at past social media posts or interactions to see which events were most successful when talking about them on your channels.

Setting Goals

Before mapping out your content around specific events, make sure you align yourself with your social media strategy and set goals. Try to answer questions that help you establish what your goals are, how you will achieve them and how will you measure success.

Editorial Calendar

Once you’ve decided on the events you plan to talk about, start plugging these ideas into your editorial calendar. It’s always easier to use a tool that allows you to map out your social content ideas and visualize your entire content calendar. If this isn’t possible, excel is a great backup. Be sure to keep this check list in mind when planning your content out.

  • Prioritize Networks that make the most impact

With so many social apps out there, it’s tempting to jump into all of them. However, every social channel might not be the right fit for you to post this timely content. Find the right channels that align with your brand’s goals and objectives. If you’re struggling to find out which social channels your target audience is most active on, take a deep dive into your social media demographics to get a better idea and the perfect starting point.

  • Post Regularly

If you plan to have a campaign or giveaway around an event, be sure to post content frequently and come up with a posting cadence around each specific event

  • Content Creation

Begin creating branded content that matches up with your brand guidelines

  • Paid Ads

Map out which posts you plan to promote to maximize your presence on social networks. Before jumping in, you’ll need to know the main options for approaching your paid promotional campaigns and how to measure their results. Make sure you plan goals ahead of time before pushing the paid button.

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