How to Achieve Grade A Customer Care in 2017

As 2017 is revving up into full gear, you may find yourself looking at your social media channels and asking, “How can I improve the experience my customers have on my channels?” Having A+ customer service on social media is essential for building a strong relationship with customers. That’s why today we’ve got five easy tips you can add to your customer care strategy to help improve your brand’s customer experience.

1. Be Personable

Rather than feeling like they’re talking to a robot, customers love the feeling of talking to a human being. Adding that personal flair to your responses can make the experience far more enjoyable for them.

  • Try addressing people by using their first name in the conversation.
  • Take a minute to look at their profile and put yourself in the mindset of the customer.
  • Read the comment that they initially posted carefully and reference it in your response.
  • Pro Tip: If you can copy & paste the same response for another user, it’s not personal enough!


2. Be Timely

Social media is always on and thus your customer care is always on. Sometimes, issues need to be responded to quickly, especially if it concerns the health and safety of the user. Responding to customer issues and questions in a timely manner can greatly improve the reputation and sentiment around your brand.


3. Be Efficient

This goes hand in hand with being timely in your responses. Try to take steps to improve your response efficiency with customers. Bookmark any websites you frequently use as resources or even send to customers. Create a cheat sheet of commonly asked questions that you can reference anytime and provide accurate answers, just remember to keep it updated (and never copy & paste from it- remember the pro tip above!).

4. Be Helpful

When responding to your fans on Facebook or Twitter, make sure to be knowledgeable in what they’re asking about and try to offer resources and answers to truly address their issue or concern. Remember to answer all questions, no matter how small or large they are. When you answer these questions, you’re showing that you care greatly for your customers and thus build stronger relationships with them. See below for some best-in-class examples from our #clients.



5. Go One Step Further

Sometimes the best customer care is not just being reactive, but also proactive. If you see very strong positive comments about your brand, reward them. Send those users care packages that show you really care about them and love hearing their positivity. When you see someone is excited to try your product or visit your site, offer recommendations that you think they would like. This proactive approach shows the customer that you’re listening to them and trying to understand them.


Follow these steps, and you’ll not only have a great customer care strategy in place, but you’ll build strong brand advocates. In turn, these advocates will spread the word about you to their networks and even help answer questions from others in your social media communities.

Want to learn more about customer care and how it can strengthen your brand? Give us a call. We’d be happy to help you develop your ideal customer care strategy.

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