Why the Rules of Photography Still Matter on Social

It’s true what they say: a picture says a thousand words, especially on social media. The photos that we take are just as important as the text that we write when it comes to posting content on our brand’s pages. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind the rules of photography to not only showcase our content in the best way possible, but to also stand out in the crowd of posts made daily by different brands.

The rules of photography still matter on social simply because by following a few basic guidelines you can take your photos from average to top-notch. This makes them more impactful and noticeable across platforms, which is always good for engagement. After all, who doesn’t like a pretty picture?

Simple adjustments can enhance the look and feel of your photos, making them more attractive to the viewer. For example, one of the basic rules of photography (known as the Rule of Thirds) makes it easier for you to create balance and add interest to your photos by using a simple grid of four lines that divide the photo into nine equal parts.

Some cameras come equipped with this grid displayed, which is super helpful when it comes to shooting content. However, if your camera doesn’t have that feature, photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop have a rule of third tool available. This too can be useful for content producers who have to work with content that has already been shot by someone else.

Generally, with a little help from the grid, you can crop your way to a well-positioned photo, which makes for a more well-balanced composition. Ultimately, a photo composed with the Rule of Thirds is more interesting and aesthetically pleasing to viewers.

Overall, to ensure that your photos are amazing there are many photography rules to consider, from making sure that the elements in your image are well balanced to creating depth with layers that overlap in a scene … the list goes on and on. Don’t be afraid to break the rules, but also don’t forget the rules of photography–they’ll always be relevant when it comes to capturing photos.

If you want to know more about the rules of photography? Check out this Ignite blog post. If you still need help creating content that stands out on social, contact us!

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